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Back To Wall Toilets

Buy Wall Toilets with a high level of standard and hard-wearing in British Bathroom Fittings. Back to Wall Toilets are suited for little bathrooms or cloakrooms. We supply the back to wall toilet unit in trendy design and modern shapes which will be right for the modern bathroom. Ceramic layers in the back to wall pan is strain resistant and cleans every dust, minute particles during the usage of water. It will have new, fresh look for ever and surface color will not be faded. Back to wall toilet pan can be installed easily and you are having choices in colours like grey or black. And shape selection is yours may be fitted or freestanding furniture, by this fittings your bathroom gets a fashionable look. It is hygienic to utilize, ecofriendly and maintenance is uncomplicated. While you are renovating the bathroom, comfort height back to wall toilet is an ideal choice for both functionality and appearance.