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Bath Screen Shower

Bath Shower Screens make your bathroom clean. British Bathroom Fittings provides Bath Screen with great performance and in many ranges to suit any interior. If you have an idea to transform the bath area into trendy and to prevent from splash of water, then you fit folding shower screen. Over bath shower screens are clear, efficient and constant, which is substitute for the classic bath screen. We supply glass shower screen for bath in different varieties like bifold bath screen, folding glass shower screen, frameless folding shower screen, framed bath screen. You are having an option to choose colors such as black bath screens, white bath screen and you can match the shape of bath screen as per the décor. Fixed bath shower screens are perfect for straight bath and it is widely utilized for commercial usage. Panel type bath screen is installed for easy entry or exit of the bath and it is simple to maintain. By fitting the glass shower screen for bath, it will be decorative to the bathroom.