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Straight Standard Baths

British Bathroom Fittings provides Straight Shower Bath for a pleasant look and anti-slip base. Straight Bath is produced from the best quality and durable materials. We have different varieties of styles and shapes to suit your bathroom interior. You may also select a straight bath among the single end and double-ended option additionally your mind will be peaceful and smooth after having a bath. It will be perfect for little bathrooms and bath is guaranteed for many years. Its height can be adjusted on an uneven surface and easy to be installed. A single-ended bath is appropriate to utilize with both screens. We include a reinforced choice for the customers because the heat will be retaining in the bath for a longer duration. Straight bath with double-ended are suitable for spacious rooms and it gives you a magnificent look. It will be simple to maintain and neat and you may select the capacity size as per your desire.

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