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Low Level Toilets

It is a great option for both great and small bathrooms. Buy Low-Level Toilets with peculiar features like reliable, long-lasting from British Bathroom Fittings. By including dual flush method, you will be able to save money and conserve water whenever you flush. This type of toilets made of top quality and gives fantastic appearance for your traditional bathroom. Traditional Low Level Toilets can be fitted easily and we provide this toilets in many shapes, sizes and designs for the comfortableness of the family members. Soft close seat prevents noise in the bathroom and requires little maintenance. It will be ideal for cloakroom toilets and it is guaranteed for many years. Additional benefit is you can fix the flush pipe in attractive design like chrome, nickel and it may suit your interior. Cistern access is uncomplicated and toilet can be fixed in the accurate height, if necessary lid can be removed.